What is your source of garden ideas?

Different types of garden appeal to different people. The Japanese are famous for their zen gardens where a rock is strategically placed to create a definite effect and someone carefully rakes gravel into a formal pattern leaving no footprint visible. Gardens can be arranged based on their vista – the gardener might arrange the whole thing to draw the eye to a specific view. At the opposite end of the spectrum, others want their space to look as if it happened by accident. The plants grow where they happened to be naturally and there was no gardener’s hand involved.

But one thing that gardens have in common is the plants need to be living and thriving in the place where you put them. That’s where the knowledge and understanding of plants and their environment found in garden solutions oakley ca comes in.

garden solutions oakley ca

Whatever your particular personal choice of garden style you will be aware of the seasons and you will also be aware of color. In the spring there is a riot of different shades so vivid they almost assault the eyes. But once the spring explosion of blossom is over, you will still want color in the garden all the way through until it gets to the very end of the season – there’s not much you can do in the depths of winter.

Your local garden center will help in pulling together the plants which match your vision. They will also be able to help you understand the best way of caring for the plants you choose. They will also be able to tell you what to avoid in your own part of the world. Some plants just won’t work in specific places and it helps to know before you start and spend thousands on a tree that will never thrive.

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